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Inspiration from travelling

During the past two years we have been all quite stuck and enclosed, now we are starting to step outside again and we explore travelling as if it is a new and novel experience. My husband had to do to Singapore for business and after a long hesitation due to  the distance and the fear … Read More

Kick starting a new project

I have been a bit stuck recently and have struggled to get to my studio and work. I had a difficult time and I needed to let Easter pass and travel to Italy for some sunshine and family time. A break and my childhood landscape allowed my inner spirit to find the lost step. Even … Read More

Line, curve, ripple

Spring is here and a feeling of renewal in the air. I find it is a bit difficult to stay indoors and work when outside it is sunny and inviting. I am also still letting my subconscious lead in terms of what direction to take after the difficult period I had this winter. The best … Read More

How it all began

I have just come back from a few days in my home town, and that is always a visit into my past and finding the objects that shaped my artistic sensitivity. Walking the pavements of my childhood I reconnect with those patterns, colours and textures that surrounded me then, and I recognize what a deep … Read More

New Year new Perspectives

I had a difficult month with a lot of loss and my subconscious is guiding me through the bereavement by making me pay attention to images that express my feeling. It has been hard to get back to work after the holiday period and it had taken the whole of January to figure out that … Read More

Winter sunset

Winter sunset As the light of the day fades, on dry cloud less days i often look at the horizon to see the orange tinge of the setting sun. I remember, as a child finishing our Sunday afternoon walk on the Nervi promenade near my hometown in Genoa, and seeing the sun “fallling”in the sea. … Read More

Lockdown art

Lockdown art Back in March when the Covid restrictions were starting and the world was panicking, I froze. A sense of uncertainty and fear pervaded me and I could not concentrate on making art or reading or growing in any way. I slowly started moving again, helped by a wonderful coach and the beautiful spring … Read More

Beauty in our daily lives

Beauty in our daily lives  I started my ceramics training with the first object one is offered as a guest, the cup. My desire to share and to offer something from the heart to my friends and family was my initial motivation. I progressed to infuse my ceramic objects with my cultural and personal history, … Read More