Lockdown art

Lockdown art

Back in March when the Covid restrictions were starting and the world was panicking, I froze. A sense of uncertainty and fear pervaded me and I could not concentrate on making art or reading or growing in any way. I slowly started moving again, helped by a wonderful coach and the beautiful spring weather. Painting flowers and filling pages of my sketchbook with colours was my way back into my creative journey.

 Expression of

emotion through




blue and orange

 I returned to oil crayons that connect me to my Grandmother who gave them to me as a child, my first drawing tool. Magic happened when I layered thick watercolour over it.

 From flowers I moved to portraits, and an easy step was to portray my Grandmothers figurines.

Slowly I felt the need to go back to clay and merge my mark making and emotion in clay and glaze.

As my functional work becomes more regular and smooth I find new ways of making sculptural pieces that reflect my energy and personality in a more abstract way.