From my hand to yours.

The career of Laura De Benedetti spans 20 years of ceramic art and painting. Her artistic expression includes functional and sculptural pieces, with the main focus is on fluidity of forms and glazes to communicate emotion and contrast between light and dark.

It is all about expressing my emotions.

It’s all about expressing my emotions. My artistic journey began in childhood, accompanied by my grandmother. When she passed away, I was still a child.

Unconsciously, I stopped creating and drawing, feeling as though I had lost my inspiration. I shifted my focus towards more academic pursuits, eventually becoming a pharmaceutical chemist. The desire to create never left me, but I lacked the confidence to continue.

Discovering my artistic voice

When the opportunity arose to learn to work with clay, the lost pleasure returned. I discovered my artistic voice and rekindled my abilities in painting and drawing.

Now, I realize that my need to express emotions has always been present, whether through color and mark-making or through molding clay.

Recalling the landscapes of my childhood

In my creative space, I work quickly, and the colors and textures that emerge evoke memories of my childhood landscapes in northern Italy – the mountains, flowers, rugged rocks, sea, wind, and calm.

The contrast between opposites captivates my attention. When I pick up a tool, be it a pencil, crayon, brush, or a piece of clay or paper, I stop overthinking and simply let the creation unfold.