How it all began

I have just come back from a few days in my home town, and that is always a visit into my past and finding the objects that shaped my artistic sensitivity.

Walking the pavements of my childhood I reconnect with those patterns, colours and textures that surrounded me then, and I recognize what a deep mark they have left in me. I think that being an artist is being aware of what it was in our life that shaped us.

The truth is that if I had not met my husband and had not come to live in London, I would not have discovered Ceramics, as my family did not develop that side of my personality. But my maternal Grandmother Emma, who died when I was 9, was a painter, so the seed must have been there.

Another fundamental step in my life was learning about the British tea culture: I think I never drank tea until I met my husband! His family also had an interest and knowledge of art and crafts, and those ingredients created the spark that led me to learn ceramics.

I started my Ceramics degree at Harrow as a mature student thinking I would learn about clay techniques, but soon I was taught to become an artist.

My first artist statement said “I want to make cups which are the first thing one offers a friend when they come to visit and then extend to dinner services to feed the family with the food I prepare in the dishes I make”.

So from landscape inspirations to emotional human connection, this is the journey of my art.