Inspiration from travelling

During the past two years we have been all quite stuck and enclosed, now we are starting to step outside again and we explore travelling as if it is a new and novel experience.

My husband had to do to Singapore for business and after a long hesitation due to  the distance and the fear of jet lag, I went as well.

I did not know anything about Singapore, but started in the old fashion way with buying a guide book. I got excited by the freedom of a few days of holiday and remembered the joy of learning new things.

Looking back now, after a week, I start to see what has really made an impact on me and I am starting to think how all these new impressions can be encapsulated in my work.

First of all I have taken pictures of many high rise buildings. The variety of styles and surface decoration of the skyscrapers really impressed me. Sometimes it was the contrast between small old buildings and the tall new ones, but more often it was the façade decoration or details in their architecture.

An element for me is the “see through” effect of some styles, like a giant railing that allows you to see behind. The most striking for me was this one there it looked like a giant hand had pulled apart the curtain to allow the light in.

I have always been attracted by railings and layers of textures. Here are some examples of the architecture I saw, drawings and experimental pieces I made.

Keep an eye for more to follow on the ceramics exhibition I visited…