Healing Community

Bereavement is a journey of healing and this year for me has been a slow process to understand how to go forwards and what loss means to me.

One way to heal is for me to create with my hands in clay and in painting and to transfer my raw emotion into an expression outside my body and to send it out into the world.

Whenever I have seen an interactive exhibition the emotions lived in that moment are the spark that connect me to that artist. I hope to create a similar feeling for those who will visit my exhibition Healing Community.

The idea started from drawing my father’s face and then creating small faces in porcelain, asleep figures resting and a bit enigmatic in expression, a bit Brancusi like.

I have two photos of my father in front of me one at my desk and one in the studio, one as a young man when I was little and one last year on his 92nd birthday. For me it is the same face and the same expression and I know what he is saying to me, he is kind indulgent and loving. I feel nurtured by his memory and want to preserve this feeling.