Line, curve, ripple

Spring is here and a feeling of renewal in the air. I find it is a bit difficult to stay indoors and work when outside it is sunny and inviting. I am also still letting my subconscious lead in terms of what direction to take after the difficult period I had this winter.

The best work comes out when “my hands lead” and my brain stays quiet. I am a fast worker and flowy lines come out spontaneously. Here is an example of a doodle I made while on a zoom call!

The next step is to bring this “flow’ to the clay. And see what comes out. I am expressing emotions in the way the curves and the ripples form, and then “freeze” in the fired clay.

Throughout my career I have embraced  two sides of me, the rational scientific side and the emotional free side. Trying to merge them in clay has resulted in my unique free flowing functional tableware, where the rigidity of porcelain is used to achieve smooth ripples, generous curves and small touches of rebellious details.