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New photoshoot

I had the opportunity to have my best bowls photographed professionally in a studio and the result is definitely better than my home attempts. Batool Showghi, was open to letting me try different lighting and shooting angles she listened to what I wanted to achieve and let me collaborate in the image taking. I have … Read More

Glass pool

I spent the last months enjoying the challenge of creating the glaze pool at the bottom of my bowls. If you are familiar with J.K. Rawling series of Harry Potter, the effect I am after is a bit like the “Pensive”, a cloud looking pool inside a bowl. The magic happens at high temperature in … Read More

Thinness of a rim

Before I studied ceramics I never even considered the cup I was drinking from. I did not come from a tea culture and I used to take my daily espresso at a bar with colleagues, from the normal commercial little cups they give in Italy. Coming to England opened to me an amazing possibility of … Read More

Fruit bowl

It is a long process but it is very rewarding. Every year I clear my strawberry patch select the best plants and then cover the soil between them to avoid too many weeds and slugs. I cover the bed with nets against the birds and then forget about it for three month. Suddenly I notice … Read More


I started using Cobalt at the very beginning of my ceramic career. I was learning Mayolica then, in Italy from my first teacher Teresa Rosa in Ivrea. There I experimented with the difference of strength and effects I could get by simply suspending it in water and painting with it. I used Cobalt carbonate (a … Read More

Lifestyle pictures

One of the challenges I have undertaken this year has been to learn to take professional photographs of my work. I miss my photographer and mentor Sussie Ahlburg who took most of the pictures on this website until her tragic death in 2013. From her work, her book “Photograph your own Art and Craft” (A&C … Read More

Upcoming Events

Handmade at Kew 4th-7th October 2018 Kunsthuis gallery: Shades of Clay exhibition  02/11 -23/12/2018

Origins of the Cups

A few words about the origins of my cups. I grew up in this culture of food sharing and I have made it mine to the point that I like to serve the food I cook in the dishes and cups I make! The shapes of my objects, as well as the colours, come from … Read More

Wave set

I have always wanted to make a dinner set and now I feel I am on the right path. I have found this new style that is at the same time decorative and reminiscent of all dinner services used only on special occasions.   At home we had the plates with the gold rim for … Read More

Bell shapes

There are shapes that have a resonance in me because I saw them as a child or have an association with some textures and shapes that I used to see in my Grandparents house. My Grandmother was a painter and even if she died when I was only 9 years old, she was a great … Read More