I have not written for a while, and it could mean that my creative journey has paused, on the contrary! I have been very active but inside my mind and mainly drawing sketching and painting in watercolours, journaling my life in my sketchbook everyday.

At the back of my mind I am trying to understand where all this activity will take me, if on a completely new path, or simply at a different level in my ceramic practice.

I feel very fulfilled with my new observation skills, with my improved ability to translate perspective into 2D and in capturing people. I am aware of what catches my eye and I start to see a pattern in my interests.

Flowers are often the showstopper for me and I “must” stop and paint when I see some beautiful arrangements. But sometimes they just complement a scene and add colour.

The first step into connecting all of this activity with my ceramics has been to produce some digital transfers from my drawings, but the watercolour paper doesn’t photograph well and the colours came out grey. So I took an online illustration course ( and I learnt a lot of photoshop techniques to produce clearer colours and translate my watercolours textures in a digital transfer for ceramics.

This is the first successful batch of pots… I would therefore love feedback and comments please!