Beauty in our daily lives

Beauty in our daily lives

 I started my ceramics training with the first object one is offered as a guest, the cup.

My desire to share and to offer something from the heart to my friends and family was my initial motivation.

I progressed to infuse my ceramic objects with my cultural and personal history, adding textures and colours from my country of origin in Italy on the Mediteranean Sea.

In fifteen years of practice I have perfected a style that reflects my personality, at the same time informal and precious, practical and decorative. My forms have grown in size but kept a lightness and translucency, and crystalline glassy pools create a feeling of depth and wonder. Platters and big bowls have become my signature pieces, to add a touch of style to the sharing of food.

The landscape continues to inspire me, and I have grown to love and appreciate the more muted colours of my country of adoption and even busy cityscapes. I always capture in pen, ink and watercolour or a quick photo scenes from everyday life and contrast between nature and architecture in urban life. Water always attracts me and the play of light and shade and reflection are a continuous source of fascination.

I walk through life noticing what catches my eye and I draw it or photograph it, often juxtaposing soft and hard edges, pools of colours and hard lines. It is the same spirit that I use in my ceramic work, giving a hard glassy material soft lines and warm colours.

Stories can be told with images or objects and gestures as well as with words and this is what I strive to communicate in my art pieces.