Shimmering surf

In these winter’s afternoons in which it is dark at 4 pm and the sun always never shows itself, I find it difficult to work in my damp shed.

I always find that this part of the year is a useful thinking space, on where to take my work next year. I am trying a few new ideas and gathering inspiration for development. My crystalline glazes are in need of a tweak as they often cause cracks the porcelain specially on bigger bowls, and new colours and forms suddenly appear and give me inspiration.

Sometimes the change happens by chance: the other day I forgot my blue line on a bowl and the yellow stain glaze produced a shimmering white with orange pool in the center. I immediately took to the idea and made a series of cups and saucers. They remind me of the surf breaking on the beach and the surprise is at the bottom of the cup of tea!

I think I will keep them for myself unless some one really begs to buy them!