Wave set

I have always wanted to make a dinner set and now I feel I am on the right path. I have found this new style that is at the same time decorative and reminiscent of all dinner services used only on special occasions.


At home we had the plates with the gold rim for holidays and a few remnants of Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers dinner services. They al tell a story, of meals in big family groups and celebration of traditions around the table.

I have decided to recreate the ornate rims of the plates, that normally might have had relief motives or the initials of the couple they were donated to on their wedding. Mine carry the memory of the sea, my Mediterranean Sea, that inspires me in my work. Another feature id the glassy pool at the bottom of the soup bowls, a surprise for the guests.

Hand made thrown plates and bowls will come in three different sizes and accommodate all serving possibilities of a typical Italian meal, from antipasti to ice-cream and after dinner coffee.

This time also the photographs are mine, I have experimented with lights and composition and these are some of the results.