Bell shapes

There are shapes that have a resonance in me because I saw them as a child or have an association with some textures and shapes that I used to see in my Grandparents house. My Grandmother was a painter and even if she died when I was only 9 years old, she was a great influence on my aesthetic sense and on my artistic development. Since her death a lot of her possessions have been shared between my Mother and my Uncle, so I have lost contact with some of these objects, until one day I went to visit my Aunt and there, on her mantelpiece, was a cup! I did not remember where it was in my Grandmothers house, but I must have looked at it or even drunk hot chocolate from it many times. It was like a door opening for me, I understood where my colour combinations came from and what my shape search had to stemmed.

Hand thrown cups are different from cast industrial ones, but finally today I have opened the kiln and I was satisfied, like finding an old friend, these bell shape bowls are very special. My cousin who grew uo with this cup in her house recognized it!