Lifestyle pictures

One of the challenges I have undertaken this year has been to learn to take professional photographs of my work.

I miss my photographer and mentor Sussie Ahlburg who took most of the pictures on this website until her tragic death in 2013. From her work, her book “Photograph your own Art and Craft” (A&C Black London 2011) and from seeing her in action on the numerous occasions she came to my house to take pictures, I started to have an insight into this difficult discipline and to understand how I like my work to be portrayed.

I bought a camera – a Canon EOS1100 – and a lovely 50mm F1.8 lens and for a year I have been practising and taking photography courses.

I was a complete beginner; I had no idea of F numbers and shutter speeds or ISO, and I had no feel for the style or the technicality of picture taking,

A year down the line I am enjoying  this journey and I find it very exciting. Photography is feeding into my painting and my ceramic work and I am writing a cookery book using my images and my dishes. I understand the difference between studio setting and life style settings and when is more appropriate to use one or the other.

This is the latest shot of my wave set.