Dinner is ready!

Ten years ago in my artistic statement I said that I would have liked one day to make a whole dinner set, in order to give my guests the food I prepare in the dishes I make.

I have been working with this intent all this time and for a few years now. My family eats in my plates at every meal. I used to keep for our use only my reject plates and at a certain point I decided that I should make the best set I could for myself.

This focused my attention to detail a lot more and I did not let any irregularity go unnoticed.

The trick is then to make every plate as if it was for my table. I tried a few different styles and shapes and I have now a selection of bowls for soup, for pasta or ice cream, and flat dished in various sizes for main courses and desserts.


The next step, that did not occur to me at the time, was that I like to grow the vegetables for the meal I am about to cook. Often the time “from the earth to the plate” is only 1 hour and I can give my children healthy vitamin filled fresh vegetables all summer.