Origins of the Cups

A few words about the origins of my cups.

I grew up in this culture of food sharing and I have made it mine to the point that I like to serve the food I cook in the dishes and cups I make!

The shapes of my objects, as well as the colours, come from deep in my subconscious and my childhood experiences. The spiral wobbly wall comes definitely from the wood carved columns in old buildings I have seen in Italy.

I have enjoyed throwing since my first attempt in 1991 and, on and off, I have struggled through the years to find my own style and fluidity. In the last years as a professional artist I have grown in confidence in creating the effect I want and my technical skills have improved. In choosing what form to explore I started making the first object that is used when somebody comes to visit: the tea or coffee cup and I have extended to all the items that would be used around a simple invitation: sugar bowl and jugs. With time and more fluency in throwing I have extended my range to serving dishes and bowls of different sizes.