Setting up a new stand

It is always a bit stressful arriving at my empty stand and deciding how to display my work.
Between shows my storage is my very kind neighbour’s garage. I don’t know how I would manage without: I already have three sheds in the garden completely full of boxes and pots, I could not keep also the shelves! I have a series of different possible arrangements according to the kind of site (grass or floor, in a marquee or exhibition centre)and the space I get.

I am not one of these organized people that do a complete trial at home first, I invent it on the spot normally with the help of husband armed with electric screwdriver and spirit levels! So this time I took out of storage the table and only two shelving units, I hope i will be enough to show my work at best. I have tried it at the Geffrye museum last week and with my new perspex cubes it should look smart.

I hope my new “Glass pool wave bowls” will be favourite of the public!