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The theme I like to explore are always the same, emotion and immediate response to my surrounding. In painting I like to choose flowers or landscapes and after initial quick sketches I continue with wet into wet watercolour or mixmedia, collage and monoprinting.

I like layers and “looking through” the layers. Patterns are revealed by the overlapping shapes

I create an abstract series of marks with oil pastels and then use the resist to add very strong watercolour and letting the ‘magic” happen on the paper. Using multiple layers of colour and allowing the colours to run together the Story appears and is told.

I find my inspiration in my walks and daily life. I am often struck by a view or a pattern and I sketch or photograph it. Then the work of composition starts, sometimes away from my studio, my brain “works” out the solution. I always make a few versions of the same piece until I am satisfied by the colours tones and placement. I often do this instinctively and fast. Overworking leads to messy work for me. I need to be spontaneous and in the moment.