• Inspiration from travelling June 7, 2022 - During the past two years we have been all quite stuck and enclosed, now we are starting to step outside again and we explore travelling as if it is a new and novel experience. My husband had to do to Singapore for business and after a long hesitation due to ┬áthe distance and the fear … Read More
  • Kick starting a new project April 24, 2022 - I have been a bit stuck recently and have struggled to get to my studio and work. I had a difficult time and I needed to let Easter pass and travel to Italy for some sunshine and family time. A break and my childhood landscape allowed my inner spirit to find the lost step. Even … Read More
  • Line, curve, ripple March 16, 2022 - Spring is here and a feeling of renewal in the air. I find it is a bit difficult to stay indoors and work when outside it is sunny and inviting. I am also still letting my subconscious lead in terms of what direction to take after the difficult period I had this winter. The best … Read More
  • How it all began February 24, 2022 - I have just come back from a few days in my home town, and that is always a visit into my past and finding the objects that shaped my artistic sensitivity. Walking the pavements of my childhood I reconnect with those patterns, colours and textures that surrounded me then, and I recognize what a deep … Read More